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  • Rigorously Manage the Pandemic Prevention and Control, Steadily Resume Work and Production, Be the Pioneer of Battle Against the Outbreak



    In the face of COVID-19 threat, resumption of work and production is imminent. Sinoma International seriously implements the deployment requirements of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd., closely following the spirit of CNBM’s teleconference for pandemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production. According to the work requirement of "close prevention and control, detail implementation, early detection, early isolation, and stable production", on the premise of comprehensive prevention and control of the pandemic, the work of resumption and production should be steadily advanced. At present, the overall situation of the company's pandemic prevention and control is stable, all subsidiaries have resumed work and production in a stable and orderly manner.



    Overall Situation for Battle Against COVID-19 Outbreak



    We shall raise awareness and assign responsibilities to the competent. The company has thoroughly studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's directions on epidemic prevention and control, and effectively unified thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Central Party Committee, SASAC, and CNBM Group. Principals of the subsidiaries and branches have personally presided the war against the outbreak and carry out various jobs in an orderly manner. After the epidemic occurred, the company immediately initiated the epidemic prevention and control emergency response mechanism. The company and all levels of subsidiaries established the epidemic prevention and control work leading group and working group to safeguard for the smooth and effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work.


    It is imperative for us to intensify emergency duty guard and enhance epidemic situation monitoring. We need to strictly carry out dynamic epidemic monitoring and related personnel management, establish an epidemic monitoring daily report mechanism, pay close attention to the health status of all employees, including employees in overseas projects sites and those from subcontractors into the scope of health monitoring. Employees with abnormal body temperature and daily arrivals to the office shall be calculated and recorded.


    We need to carry out overall epidemic prevention and control at all levels, domestic and foreign project departments and institutions. We need to further strengthen health education for employees, make special arrangements for the security and public health of office areas and dining environment in the cafeteria, and procure necessary emergency materials such as masks and drugs. It is imperative for us to scale up epidemic response in domestic and overseas projects sites, strengthen on-site personnel access control and environmental sanitation management, take daily disinfection, and reserve necessary protective materials. We shall pay special attention to the health situation of people intended to be dispatched to overseas project sites, comprehensively investigate personnel information, and strictly implement 14-day medical isolation and health status monitoring.


    Supported by innovated channels and models, we will resume work and production in a steady way. The company and all units pay close attention to and keep abreast of the development of the epidemic situation and the control measures in various countries, and carry out the assessment of the impact on the projects one by one, and steadily promote all aspects of production and operation through various methods and channels. As a first step, we will vigorously promote remote office, coordinate and manage projects through various methods such as corporate WeChat, telephone, video conference, etc., strengthen the overall coordination and use of overseas resources, increase the employment of local people and optimize the deployment of personnels between overseas projects to ensure uninterrupted progress of key projects. Secondly, we will adjust the project plan and implementation plan in a timely manner, by closely tracking equipment supply, logistics transportation and construction personnel, etc., to ensure that all links are connected in an orderly manner. Overseas offices and branches are directed to assist in the preliminary project research and bidding, and try to avoid the impact on the market operation. Thirdly, we will have more communication, actively communicate with the owners, and try to obtain the understanding and support of the owners. We will have closer communication and contact with the local embassy, and actively seek the support and help of the embassy.



    Epidemic Response by the Subsidiaries



    On the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees, subsidiaries at all levels of Sinoma Intl. fully acknowledge the significance of resuming production for effectively suppressing the epidemic, the operation of the national economy, stabilizing social expectations, and meeting the annual economic indicators of CNBM Group and Sinoma itself. In pursuit of tight prevention and control and stable production, all subsidiaries have made proper planning and deployment. In accordance with local government requirements and the actual situation of the enterprise, on the basis of effective epidemic response, they have overcame difficulties and created the environment to made every effort to promote all aspects of production and operation to achieve a good start, that has laid an effective foundation for achieving the first quarter target and even the full year target.


    Sinoma International (Nanjing) has been building a joint line of defense to fight against the outbreak. On the premise of ensuring the health and safety of its employees, Sinoma International (Nanjing) has done its utmost to do all the work of resuming production and operation, especially to communicate with project owners, notably key overseas customers, and convey the determination of the Chinese government to win the battle against the outbreak, so that to minimize the impact of the epidemic.




    Sinoma (Suzhou) takes epidemic response as order and responsibility. Sinoma (Suzhou) ensures that prevention and control mechanisms, staff inspection, facilities and materials and internal management are in place. The overseas project departments have taken multiple measures and made every effort to respond the epidemic. More communication with customers is emphasized to ensure the steady progress of projects under implementation.


    Nigeria Dangote Refinery Plant Project Site


    Iraqi SCP Production & Operation Project Site


    Sinoma (Handan) has closely managed epidemic response to ensure stable production. In accordance with the requirements of mother company, Sinoma (Handan) has strictly implemented the entry and return of personnel and scientifically formulated a plan for resuming work and production, that is to adopt a remote office mode to ensure production and operation uninterrupted.


    Myanmar Than Taw Myat Grinding Station Project at Yangon


    Myanmar Than Taw Myat 3rd Line Cement Project


    TCDRI has paid close attention to epidemic response and stable production in adherence to “three enhancements”. TCDRI grassroots party organizations have established a mutual assistance group of “epidemic response and stable production” to build a "lattice epidemic prevention fortress". Employees working in Tianjin have made prompt communications with overseas owners through the network platform to ensure smooth progress of production and operation. Overseas offices and project departments have timely deployed epidemic response. Employees working in overseas project sites have adjusted their work arrangements in a timely manner, by remaining at their posts and holding several positions to minimize the impact of the epidemic on production work.


    Overseas offices and project departments have made proper work arrangements to safeguard steady progress of production and operation


    CBMI has carried out tight epidemic response to ensure stable production by implementing each task in details. CBMI's overseas branches, subsidiaries and project managers have actively responded to the epidemic and formulated effective measures to stabilize production. Various work during the epidemic has achieved effective progress, and several projects in Algeria and Nigeria were successfully completed.


    As of January 22, rotary kiln at Algeria Bechar project was successfully ignited one-off. 


    On February 3rd, rotary kiln at Algeria Zahana project was succesfully ignited one-off.


    On February 4th, Nigeria EWE01 coal mill project succesfully achieved material feeding, marking the completion of installation and commissioning.


    Sinoma Overseas Development Company has ensured uninterrupted construction for projects under implementation. It has carefully managed overseas personnel, strictly controlled the dispatching and visiting of personnel, maintained close contact with local embassies and competent government departments, performed on-site epidemic prevention work, and makes every effort to ensure projects progress in compliance with the contracts.


    ABMC Project


    Argentina Project


    Chengdu Design Institute (CDI) is resolute in confidence to eliminate panic caused by the outbreak. CDI’s normal production does not stopped and strives to take an active role in the fight against the epidemic. While steadily advancing localized operations, it has organized overseas localized bases to conduct epidemic prevention and control trainings to eliminate misunderstandings and worries, and fully safeguarded the promotion of localized business.


    On February 10th, the first bag of cement for Pakistan PCC project was produced.


    Cairo office gave trainings to Egyptian employees on novel coronavirus knowledge and prevention & control measures.


    Sinoma International Environment Engineering Co. has collectively advanced resumption of production and epidemic response. Its subsidiaries at all levels have prepared detailed work plans for resumption of production in accordance with the relevant regulations of the local government and the group, including the time for resumption of production, the number and sources of returning personnel, production plans, epidemic prevention and control plans and epidemic emergency plans, and strictly implemented relevant measures.



    Anhui Resource Saving & Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has consolidated internal response and strictly carried out scientific deployment. It insists on strict, practical and meticulous epidemic response. In strict accordance with local government requirements and superior regulations, it organizes and arranges employees to return to work in an orderly manner. EMC operation plants and the owners have conducted collective epidemic response.



    Sinoma-auto Trading Company has worked together to respond the epidemic and taken each action possible to stabilize production. It values the safety of employees' lives, and carries out collective epidemic response and production operations aiming to safeguard people safety and stable operation of business. It defends the safety of Sinoma International Building by daily building sterilization, strict personnel access regulations in an effort to defeat the war against the novel coronavirus outbreak.



    In the next stage, Sinoma International will continue to seriously study and comprehend, fully implement various deployments for epidemic response required by Party Central Committee, the State Council, local governments, CNBM Group, CNBM Ltd., and implement the main ideas conveyed by Group's thematic conference of epidemic response and work resumption. With the most serious political attitude to respond the outbreak, we will carefully plan the arrangements for resumption of work and production, enabling the steady development of various production and operation work aiming to seize the "first market share" after the epidemic broke out. In terms of tight prevention and control, our leading cadres at all levels will charge on the front line with problem-oriented attitude, and ensure the protection of ideas, materials, procedures, and care. More attention will be given to relevant support and security work, enabling more care and security protection for employees. In terms of resuming production and work, we will withstand the pressure, strengthen the research and judgment of the situation, focus on the shock and impact of the epidemic, and effectively make full preparations for responding to any difficulties and challenges, so as to stabilize production, market, price and decision-making. We will strive to minimize the adverse effects of the epidemic, and go all out to ensure the stable progress of production and operation.


    We are confident that under the strong leadership of Central Party Committee and right directions of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd, Sinoma Intl. will stand united to triumph over this special war against the outbreak coming our way.




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